Designing cultures.

For us, design is an inherently cultural, collaborative process of purposeful thinking & doing.

Design today must be attentive to the broader cultural contexts it designs from, as much as those it is designing for. It is necessary to examine how people engage each other and the world around them, how ideas and values are shared and how things are done. For this reason, we have begun a culture-based and culture-oriented approach to design – Culture Design.

Using Culture Design, we can work together with our clients to shape innovative cultural frameworks and design solutions bridging diverse aspects of cultures, such as traditions, practices, expertise or businesses to enable our client’s unique advantages to emerge and produce positive economic, social and environmental impact.

Our business is designing solutions that clearly fit their purpose and continue to evolve, enriching people, places and activities as they become a part of our everyday life and our cultures. These are solutions that aim to cultivate long term benefits for our clients and at the same time, make the world a little bit better.