Designing cultures.

Working with an international community of associates, Kovačnica brings together experts from diverse fields to address the specific needs of each project.

Aleksandar Kovač, MSc

design science and technology


Aleksandar has earned recognition for his design work in Europe and extensive collaborative projects designing goods and services for world renown companies in Japan. With this experience he returned to Croatia, Vukovar, keen on applying what he learned in the context of Croatian and european society and entrepreneurship. His primary interests lay in designing and directing creative projects within and between communities, societies and cultures. He is involved in international and Croatia-based development teams, where he researches and applies design knowledge and skills in open-source contexts, both online and offline.

Anne Kovač, PhD

architecture and design


Anne has led and collaborated in projects throughout the world. From the urban and architectural design of award winning social housing developments in California, to traditional and contemporary architectural projects and interactive exhibitions in Kyoto, Japan. Her main interest lies in the cultural and social dynamics of architectural and urban environments where she develops open environments for people to experience, create and engage with cultural content. Through creative projects that address communities, societies and cultures, Anne is dedicated to the research and application of architecture and design to influence positive change.

Asst. Prof. Damir Bralić, MDes

information design


Jun Hashimoto, BS

social sciences, language


Arthur James, MS, MBA

computer sciences, management


Nikola Kovač, MA

media production


Martina Papec



Nika Pavlinek, MDes

space design


Ayako Sameshima

culture, traditional crafts


Prof. Sandra Valić

history, language


Maja Zdelar-Kovač, MA

visual arts